Politics can save you money

Family First Vote

There are few things that strike the nerve of the average citizen than when the subject of politics is thrown around and the exhaustive arguments break out in a passionate dual between voters around fixing the county’s ailments.

Giving no regard for the members of the elected office, we pause at the assumption that these men and women of the house remain narcissistic in their attempts to rule the people over profit and pay-rise. The general response to the question of preferred party gives most people cause to groan in dissatisfaction or disgust. Who should I vote for?

It wasn’t until this year that I took some interest in politics as my growing concern about the direction of this country beckoned my attention given the social grievances around gay marriage, refugees and government overspending. It begged the question “What is going on?”, so I thought I better pay attention.

For the first time ever I found my way to the Australian Electoral Commission where I discovered a plethora of vying parties attempting to win their nominated seat into the prestige world of political placement. Each party has a long list of policies that they believe beat the drum for the people in terms of their interpretation around what the people want, for better or worse.

What I did find however, was the ‘on paper’ belief that would affect my current financial situation should I vote for particular parties that promise tax relief, pay rises and general benefits. One party has a seemingly sound argument that our income tax should be a fixed twenty percentage as we would save more and therefore inject more back into our economy.

Family First

So, by studying the political parties each term it is possible from a financial point of view to benefit from their policies in terms of paying off your debt quicker.

Just as the yearly budget tears at the fabric of our personal finances we are left to build a more resilient path to financial freedom by using the tools that we can, in fact, control. In my journey of political curiosity I uncovered some very interesting policies from some of the smaller parties and given half a chance would certainly benefit my future freedom. Family First party have some very good policies, including the fixed 20% tax that aligns with my personal views around family and finances. Do yourself a favour and study the political parties every year and break free from the lemming mentality that I spend decades conforming to.