Planning a cheap quality vacation

A photo by davide ragusa.

If you’re like me you love a good get-away holiday to rest and unwind from the hustle of everyday life. However, sometimes it can be a bit expensive if you don’t plan your holiday correctly.

It’s a good incentive to plan a year out for your vacation because once you set your budget you are more likely to save the money because there is an emotional attachment that presents itself and you will be more committed to the project. Whatever your pleasure whether it’s a boat cruise, countryside camping or a luxurious resort you will be linking pictures in your head with the feeling associated with vacation mode.

Now, because you are planning a year ahead you can now take advantage of discounts and vouchers that offer the best sales for off-peak travel. When I am planning our yearly flights to visit my wife’s family I start planning for the off-peak periods.


As you can see above I could get good tickets for next September with a flight time of ten hours against tickets that are creeping into the Christmas peak period this year with a flight time of fourteen hours.

So what about accommodation?

I use a number of websites to check prices and availability for Australian travel. Sites such as Trivago and Qantas offer some value when booking accommodation. With Qantas I get frequent flyer points that will go toward my next stay.

I am taking my beautiful wife on an adventure this month so she can experience for the first time a visit to the theatre. By using Trivago I managed to save two hundred dollars on premium accommodation.

I won’t use a travel agent because primarily they operate on commission. The more you spend the more commission they make.

Give it a test run. You will be very surprised by the discounts you can pick up. High tourist areas like the Gold Coast offer very good discounts for accommodation because there are so many hotels and resorts competing for your dollars.

Do you have any travel tips?