Share Trading Update


I wanted to give an update for those interested in following my share trading journey. I wrote a blog about share trading for beginners back in April and on my Share Trading page I briefly talk about my strategy giving an example of my transactions over 2013/14.

So, here is an update for 2015/16 so far.


I have been a little slack with my investing lately as I have been travelling overseas and missed a lot of positive buy triggers; however I am still plugging along regardless.

It’s been an interesting journey over 2015/16 with the changes in Government and all the hoo-ha about the Brexit etc. On my share trading page I mentioned my profit over 2013/14 as $442 and you can see that I have successfully turned it into a new profit of $1,116. The fastest trade I did was six days and the longest was 127 days which I sold for breakeven.

An interesting event has presented itself in BHP. I bought the shares in February 2015 for $32.17 and very shortly after that they were hit with a number of global set-backs. Currently they are sitting around twenty dollars and will take a little bit of time to trudge their way back up. In the mean time I will just bide my time and wait patiently for the mining giant to correct their position for their shareholders.

BHP1 shares

Here is the chart so far.

As you can see though, I don’t rely on just one trade. I have several going at one time. This covers events like this that stall my trading and I can concentrate on the others, including my recent purchase of SEEK shares.

What is your story?