Share Trading

Are you a Share Trading enthusiast looking for a plan?


Let me show you my FOUR simple rules that will unlock the profits and deliver above average returns.


Share Trading Cover


Was – $399 on sale $199


In 2008 I began an educational endeavour to understanding the stock exchange and how share trading worked. I saw millions being shuffled through an endless cycle of buying and selling and flooded my days with books and article from all the big guns of trading like Warren Buffett.

From 2008 to 2011 I tested a number of theories and strategies based on what I had learned through my studies and was given a life lesson in patience, stress thresholds and constant doubt.


In 2011 I took the plunge and started trading real money. In six months I took my $1,000 starting bank to $1,800 but became unsure of the strategy I was using as it was based on speculation and not a solid structured process. I like structure.

In 2012 I mashed together a number of methods to form what I believe to be the best low risk share trading strategy for everyday folk. There are FOUR simple rules to follow, that’s it.

I went live in 2013 and this is the result for the year:


Share trading stats


The colours indicate the start and finish of each $2,000 series. I started with $6,000. Each trade was $2,000 with a profit of $442. That’s 7.36%. In this example I didn’t utilise the Dividends here. I started adding my Dividends to the calculations in 2015.

What’s in it?

  • Understanding the market

  • The psychology of share trading

  • What shares do I use

  • Software

  • What are candle sticks

  • What is volume

  • My four (4) rules

  • Money management

I have been using this strategy successfully since 2013 and offer you the chance to reach financial freedom.

Although my strategy has only been tested on the Australian market, I do believe that it will work on a global level. As long as you have candle sticks, volume, and software with moving averages, you are all set.


Was – $399 on sale $199